This is our 5×5 sized photo book – “Petite” as we call it. It’s cute and very portable. Best use? Create one to put in your purse (or bag or car for guys) so you can show off your latest (kid, pet, travel) photos.

5x5 Photo Book

(fabulous bag photo courtesy of Evelda’s Neverland)

Our next featured size is much larger. It’s the 11.25 x 8.75. Best use? A bookcase! Can you image an entire bookcase filled with photo books of your life? Kind of a fun idea, right? Plus, with spine lettering available you can easily find whichever book you’re looking for! (awesome bookcase (and cat!) photo courtesy of

Next up is our largest photo book the Grand 12×12. Best use? Your coffee table! This book size is perfect for wedding photos, family photos or your impressive travel photos. And like all Bonté Books it comes in either linen or image cover options.

(photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy)

So now’s the time to get started on your next Bonté photo book!

What’s your favorite book size? How are you going to use it? We’ll give one lucky person who comments FREE shipping off their next order!