top 10 things to know about bonte books

  1. We are professional bookbinders. We’ve bound books for schools, libraries and even menus for Emeril Lagasse’s lastest restaurant the Chop House. Seeing all of the flimsy photo books on the market, we decided to create a better photo book that is bound professionally so it won’t fall apart. You can start one here.
  2. We have 6 different photo books sizes to choose from – 5×5, 5×7, 8×8, 8.5×11, 11.25×8.75 and 12×12!!
  3. You can choose an image cover or a linen cover – in 14 different colors!! And best of all – they are the same price!! (The image above shows every book size in an array of fun linen covers.)
  4. We have a facebook page. Like us and receive special promotions.
  5. If you write a blog about your Bonte experience, and tell us about it, we’ll smile. Then we’ll say “thanks!” by sending you a special deal!
  6. Our books are printed and bound in the same location – by us! Unlike other photo book companies who outsources their binding (some outsource their printing, too!) you can be confident that your books will look the same if you reorder. Most photo book companies can’t say that.
  7. You can self-publish with Bonte Books, too! If you can create a pdf, you can self-publish a book. Recipe books, a family history, novels – it’s really up  to you.
  8. We are a family business. Started 50 years ago.
  9. We provide volume discounts!!
  10. We love cake! Especially cake in the shape of our logo!