Leaf attachment refers to how the pages, or leaves, fasten to the book.  Many binding methods are thousands of years old and are still done the same way.

Whether doing research, reading for leisure, creating a delicious meal from your favorite cookbook, or showing friends your favorite photos, there are two characteristics of the binding of your book that need to be present . . . durability and flex.  Durability refers to the strength of the attachment.  Flex refers to the openability of the book.

lay flat

An example of a strong, flexible binding.

We utilize different techniques, materials and machinery in leaf attachment.  Fold sewing, Oversewing, Double-fan adhesive binding, Perfect binding,  Ph-neutral water-based Polyvinyl Acetate adhesives materials.  We use two techniques to test our bindings, page-pull and flex testing.  We’ll save those for another time.

There are easier ways to bind, but not better.

One of the techniques that we use is sewing through the fold of a book to create the ultimate binding in terms of strength and openability.  The photo above shows how fold sewing (of books up to 60 pages or 20 leaves) is performed.  Once books grow to above 60 pages, a more elaborate technique is used.  A series of folded pages that are “nested” then sewn to each other with a special multiple-signature sewing machine is used.  This particular technique provides a high-quality binding that will last as long as the paper in the book and it will allow you to show off your photo books for generations.

lay flat 2

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