Here are some tips to make it easier to upload your pictures when you create a photo book at

Easier Way #1 — Going through your photos so you can insert them in order.

First, go into where you keep your pictures stored. (My Pictures, Adobe, Coral, etc.)

Go through all of the pictures you want to upload into your photo book. As you are going through them, write down their image #’s. (This way when you go to upload, you’ll know exactly what pictures you want).

See how easy that was!

Easier Way #2 —  Renaming your pictures to save time with Auto-Fill feature

The reason you are renaming them is because the software saves them in alphanumerical order.  So, after you upload your pictures (in the order you want them),  you can just press the “auto fill” button.

First, go through all of the pictures you want to upload into your photo book. As you go through them, you’ll want to arrange them in sequence  (see examples below). This will allow you to “auto-fill” your images so you can spend more time  adding text and effects (cropping, shading, shadowing, bordering, outlines, etc.).

Example:    001…      002…      003…      065…       110…etc.


NameOfBook001…   NameOfBook002…   NameOfBook003…


Image001…   Image002…   Image003…

So, when you are in Bonté Book’s  “Manage Your Photo’s”   or   ”Add new photos,” you can ‘zip’ right through with the uploading process because you knowexactly which photos you want to add!

Manage Your Photos quickly and easily.

REMEMBER: Before you auto fill, first click on the “themes” tab so you can chose how you want your pictures laid out on the pages. There are different choices! If you want to change the layout, you must [click and drag]. – the same as you would with your photos.

Now you’re ready to create your Brilliantly Bound Bonté Photo Book.

It’s now easier than ever to create the book you’ve always wanted to.  You submit your masterpiece in .PDF format and we take it from there.  There are many options to choose from that will give your book that special, 0ne-of-a-kind appearance.

Step 1) Create your manuscript using one of the many software applications (adobe, indezine, etc.) to create a print-ready .PDF file.

Step 2) Fill out the short form at Bonte Books (click on the Self-Publish tab at the top) or give us a call at 1-800-470-4070 to talk with one of our knowledgeable representatives about all the options you can select from and get a quote for your project.

Step 3) Submit your work to our FTP site so we can begin creating your work of art.

Step 4) Put the kettle on, relax and we’ll do the rest . . .

Bonté Books offers unlimited creative control to self-publish your next book. And, we’ll make it brilliant.   We’re here to create a beautifully bound book that you’ll love. Plus, we have many custom features available such as hand foil stamping, colorful cover options, and spine lettering.

With Bonté Books the custom options are endless!

Your Family Reunion, that Alaskan cruise, the Wedding to remember, a daughters first birthday party, my collection of 1st edition prints, our son’s hockey team, our pet that meant so much, a keepsake of family memories to give to my kids, hiking through Europe, our daughter’s graduation . . . These are some of the inspirational times that make photo books so important. These are the things that can last forever.
Recently, a friend of mine, who was born in Namibia (Africa), returned there to visit family and see some sites that he hasn’t seen in a while. He created a photo book to commemorate his trip. I was amazed at some of the photos he took.

The setting Sun in Namibia.

He collected upwards to 120 photos and once he went through them and selected the 50-60 shots that he wanted, he uploaded them into bonté’s online photo book software (, click “get started” to begin).  He laid out his book and it turned out beautiful. He visited a game reserve in Namibia and there are many wonderful shots of African wildlife. It gave me a whole new perspective into my friend’s life.

Photo books are a great way to not only preserve those moments that are so important to us, but they make it so easy to share them as well.

What are some of the ways that you’ve used photos, both hard-copy and digital, to share with family and friends? What are some of the inspirations that you’ve already used to create photo books to share? We would like to hear what you have to say, so we can offer the themes, backgrounds, and options that you desire. Have fun creating imaginative photo books and remember to leave your comments.

Leaf attachment refers to how the pages, or leaves, fasten to the book.  Many binding methods are thousands of years old and are still done the same way.

Whether doing research, reading for leisure, creating a delicious meal from your favorite cookbook, or showing friends your favorite photos, there are two characteristics of the binding of your book that need to be present . . . durability and flex.  Durability refers to the strength of the attachment.  Flex refers to the openability of the book.

lay flat

An example of a strong, flexible binding.

We utilize different techniques, materials and machinery in leaf attachment.  Fold sewing, Oversewing, Double-fan adhesive binding, Perfect binding,  Ph-neutral water-based Polyvinyl Acetate adhesives materials.  We use two techniques to test our bindings, page-pull and flex testing.  We’ll save those for another time.

There are easier ways to bind, but not better.

One of the techniques that we use is sewing through the fold of a book to create the ultimate binding in terms of strength and openability.  The photo above shows how fold sewing (of books up to 60 pages or 20 leaves) is performed.  Once books grow to above 60 pages, a more elaborate technique is used.  A series of folded pages that are “nested” then sewn to each other with a special multiple-signature sewing machine is used.  This particular technique provides a high-quality binding that will last as long as the paper in the book and it will allow you to show off your photo books for generations.

lay flat 2

Greetings from Bonte Books.  Quality books. First-rate customer service. Value-packed pricing.  These are the things that are important to us.  We have spent that last year preparing to launch a site that offers all these things . . . We have spent the last 50 years creating books and bindings that “work” .   We will talk about a lot of things in this blog and we welcome your comments.  Our website is designed with two tabs – a full-function Photo Book development site and a Self-publish site intended to help you publish your own works.  We plan to add more functions as time goes on, so visit Bonte Books often.  We look forward to working with you.