There are probably hundreds, no thousands (or more!) of unique ideas for Bonte photo books. Of course there are the standards: vacations books, weddings books, kids books, pet books which are all great (and we love getting orders for them!) but ever consider doing something a little different? Sometimes it takes a photo project to really get you motivated to start taking more photos (everyday!) and actually make a photo book (it’s not hard!) With that in mind, we gathered a few interesting photo projects below. It’s amazing how they capture everyday life and make it more fun.

Just for kids!

Watch your kids grow! Use a chair and take a photo every month to see how big they are getting! (This could also work for pets!) This artsy mom even added the corresponding month number to each outfit! Such a cute idea. LOVE it!

(Copyright Natzfirefly via Flickr)


Heard of the 100 Strangers Project? This project will get you out of your comfort zone and talking to people. The goal is to approach people and take their photo. There are many variations and you can really make it unique by asking them a fun question, making them make a funny face,etc. For an example check out this set on Flickr – some very interesting people!

(Copyright Teppo via Flickr)

Pencil vs. Camera!

If you can draw, this one might be fun for you to try. Ben Heine uses his sketches in photos to bring them to life. Check out more here!

(Copyright Ben Heine via Flickr)

Project 52:

This project is more manageable than it’s older brother Project 365. Instead of taking a photo everyday, you take a photo for every week of the year. By the end you have a nice history of your life in 52 photos that would become an impressive photo book. (ps. This type of book would be perfect using Bonte’s snapshot/polaroid theme!) The best part is you can pick a fun topic and base your photos around that, like the example below – 52 weeks for dogs!

(Copyright bernerful-life's via Flickr)

Which photo project do you think you’ll try next? Are you working on any fun photo project of your own? Share them in the comments! One lucky comment will receive free shipping on their next order!