Manage your photos with Flickr & Facebook

Things to think about . . .

Did you know that Bonté Books is supported by Flickr and Facebook? Our software makes it easy for you to use photos from your Flickr account and Facebook page!

When you are on, click on “Get Started” which is found at the top right side of the web site. Then, click on the “Manage Your Photos” banner found at the left side of your screen. Next, create an account or log in or an already existing account.  (Don’t worry, our site respects your privacy).

There are five tabs : My Photos, Stock Photos, Facebook, Flickr, and Photobucket.

The first tab, “My Photos,” is where your personal photos that you have uploaded from your computer, a CD, or a USB drive are stored. (Our software saves your folders in alphabetical order).

“Facebook,”  “Flickr,” and “Photobucket” tabs are next. If you have accounts on one or all of these web sites, you will follow the same instructions to use these photos.

If you click on one of these tabs your computer will bring up a new window which will ask you to log into your Facebook/Flickr/Photobucket  account. After you do so, our software will bring up all of your photos and albums that you have on your Facebook/Flickr/Photobucket page.

You can then click on “Home Page” found at the top right side of your screen. Then you may “Create a New Photo Book” or “Work on Existing Project”. After you chose a hard cover book theme, click on “Change source” found in the “Photos” tab on the right of the page. Then click on the “Facebook,” “Flickr,” or “Photobucket” tab,  then click on which folder or photos you currently want to use (NOTE: you can switch folders throughout your book), then click “OK”.

Now you may go ahead and hand select which photos you want where in your photo book or (if the photos are in order of which you like) click the auto fill button. REMEMBER : Before you auto fill, first click on the “themes” tab so you can chose how you want your pictures laid out on the pages. There are different choices! If you want to change the layout, you must [click and drag]. – the same as you would with your pictures.

Have fun designing your beautiful hard cover photo book!

And remember… You make the books. We make them brilliant.