Spine Lettering

Spine Lettering makes finding your books easy.

We are a little different . . . we like our books to have lettering on the spine so we can find them easily when shelved.  That’s why we offer spine lettering on all of our photo book products.  You can create your photo books with one of our durable, attractive cloth covering materials or design your own cover by inserting lettering on the spine (as well as front and/or back covers if you wish) with our image cover option.  The best part of adding spine lettering to your photo books is that it doesn’t cost you anything additional.

When adding spine lettering to a cloth cover, there will be a field on the Payment Info screen during checkout.  You can enter up to 30 characters and it will be stamped on your photo book in all UPPER CASE letters.

You can click here to check out more “Helpful Hints”.  We are here to provide you with high quality photo books that will last you and your family for generations.  You are more than welcome to contact us at customerservice@bontebooks.com.