Here are some tips to make it easier to upload your pictures when you create a photo book at

Easier Way #1 — Going through your photos so you can insert them in order.

First, go into where you keep your pictures stored. (My Pictures, Adobe, Coral, etc.)

Go through all of the pictures you want to upload into your photo book. As you are going through them, write down their image #’s. (This way when you go to upload, you’ll know exactly what pictures you want).

See how easy that was!

Easier Way #2 —  Renaming your pictures to save time with Auto-Fill feature

The reason you are renaming them is because the software saves them in alphanumerical order.  So, after you upload your pictures (in the order you want them),  you can just press the “auto fill” button.

First, go through all of the pictures you want to upload into your photo book. As you go through them, you’ll want to arrange them in sequence  (see examples below). This will allow you to “auto-fill” your images so you can spend more time  adding text and effects (cropping, shading, shadowing, bordering, outlines, etc.).

Example:    001…      002…      003…      065…       110…etc.


NameOfBook001…   NameOfBook002…   NameOfBook003…


Image001…   Image002…   Image003…

So, when you are in Bonté Book’s  “Manage Your Photo’s”   or   ”Add new photos,” you can ‘zip’ right through with the uploading process because you knowexactly which photos you want to add!

Manage Your Photos quickly and easily.

REMEMBER: Before you auto fill, first click on the “themes” tab so you can chose how you want your pictures laid out on the pages. There are different choices! If you want to change the layout, you must [click and drag]. – the same as you would with your photos.

Now you’re ready to create your Brilliantly Bound Bonté Photo Book.